Revisiting my 2016 trip to Spain

For all those who read and loved Of Tapas, Trams & Time Travel, here’s reliving the last three days in one of the quirkiest cities of the world, Barcelona. We had heard enough and more of ‘oh-you’ll-love-Barcelona’ and ‘Barcelona-is-the-place-for-you’… I admit I was a bit apprehensive and mentally prepared to…

- A Spanish Escapade

Looking forward to many more such journeys…but for now let’s rewind a bit!Post a million arguments, intensive research, 25 quotes from travel agents, a zillion conversations with them and a thousand debates later, (before the wife in me rants anymore…) the answer was Spain! Reason? It fit it our budget…

Ramble and Roam

I imagined a house

A house without doors.

With stars on the ceiling

And green grass floors.

I imagined a house

With just windows

Where I didn’t feel like

I was trapped indoors.

They call it the earth

I call it my home

Where I can be free

Ramble and roam.

Ashwini Kulkarni

Writer, Over thinker, Coffee guzzler, Tree hugger, Travel experience host & wannabe so much more! Currently building House of Butterflies.

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